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My Mental Framework for Working Better

Approaching my career as a computer programmer means staying valuable to my company and helpful to teammates.


Overcoming a Perfectionist Mindset

Perfectionism is deeply wired into us as humans by conscientiousness. We fear the unknown instead of enjoying its rewards.


Burnt Cookies and APIs

Don’t be afraid to just jump into a fresh subject and try making something. Burnt cookies aren't mistakes, they're tasty lessons!


Intro to Coding a Webpage

A brief intro to serve as your jumping-off point for understanding core tech frontend web developers use daily.


Beating Imposter Syndrome

Feeling like an impostor is a normal human response. How we choose to react to that feeling results in our success or suffering.


Captain Marvel and Succession Management

Succession management and super heroes. It's one thing that Earth's Mightiest can teach us about teamwork.


Sit out in the Open

Want to meet new people but not sure how to start? Open up to new possibilities by sitting out in the open.


Lend a Hand to Get Ahead

New at work? What if you treat your rookie status as an opportunity?


Excellent Teams Depend on Trust

There’s no doubt about it. When I’m trusting in my teammates, and being trusted by them, we’re performing together big time!


10 Things About Human UI that Will Change Forever In Self-Driving Cars

The UX of cars has gotten worse over a century of use. It needs to be better for humans, and self-drive may be the best solution.


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