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Lessons from 10 Years with Sabre

How to improve your career. My collected wisdom for helping you that I learned from my ten years of work at Sabre.


API Wisdom You Should Know

Your API product design choices completely influence the experience programmers have using them. Will they be good or bad?


Imposter Syndrome is Natural

What does it mean when you have the feeling Imposter Syndrome is taking over.


Discovering Machine Learning

Discovering machine learning reveals a fascinating technology that will surely change your chosen industry.


Scaling Images Up and Down with CSS Transform.

Scaling an image on a web page was confusing, until I used CSS Transform.


New at Work? Beginners Add Value Too!

New at work? What if you treat your rookie status as an opportunity?


Training With Furlough

Switching from "Why?" to "How?" during furlough made a huge, positive change in my attitude.


My Mental Framework for Working Better

Approaching my career as a computer programmer means staying valuable to my company and helpful to teammates.


Overcoming a Perfectionist Mindset

Perfectionism is deeply wired into us as humans by conscientiousness. We fear the unknown instead of enjoying its rewards.


Burnt Cookies and APIs

Don’t be afraid to just jump into a fresh subject and try making something. Burnt cookies aren't mistakes, they're tasty lessons!


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