My Mental Framework for Working Better

Why Am I Valuable at Work?

I self-identify with being a computer programmer. One day I was wondering to myself, “Why does my company pay me money?”

In other words - why am I valuable? Especially compared to someone else in the same role.

I'm not convinced people want me talking a lot. It seems to me that writing is the most helpful work I do most often. I write code, articles, and presentations.

How do I know what to write? What do I do before that? I read a lot, from different people, across a multitude of industries.

Writing is very useful. Thinking about the people who will consume my work is tremendously beneficial.

Visual Map

Check out this Infographic I created. It helps me map out what I need to do in order to be helpful to others. Tap it for a full-sized version.

Clear Thinking

I assert that if we can enter the world with clear thinking and compassion there is no limit to the good work we can do with others. Search for the people who want to learn what you know and share with them.

When you relate with other people you may find the exchange presents you with an opportunity to unlearn something. Have courage removing bias and assumptions from your education while gaining a new experience of meaning.

What's Your Perspective?

Does this make sense? Is it how you see your work? Drop me a message letting me know what you think about all of this.

One More Thing

Here's my infographic (found above) styled as a seven-page carousel. Carousel presentations are popular in the design community on Instagram and I'm inspired by their good work!

I invite you to think about your career. What are the top-3 activities you do in your job considering your industry? Rate them in terms of importance from your perspective. Map them against the value delivered to others.

What do you come up with? Drop me a message if you like - I'm always curious to learn more from you.

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