Build a Prompt Library for Generative AI

Your Company Needs a Prompt Library to Maximize Generative AI in 2024

There's an incredibly important Generative AI project your company should start in 2024. My recommendation to you, is creating a Prompt Library to better leverage Generative AI.

When I'm talking about GenAI I'm specifically thinking about how we work with chat-based AI like Google Bard, OpenAI ChatGPT, and Anthropic Claude. GenAI like these are backed by a technology tool called a Large Language Model (LLM).

An LLM is an AI system that can work with written human language. We work with GenAI by writing prompts that command their LLMs to respond to our requests.

Master the Skill of Writing Superior AI Prompts

Writing a prompt is easy. You just type in a question or a command. Writing a good prompt is difficult. The gap in quality writing is what is preventing most from getting all that they want from artificial intelligence.

Here's why writing a good GenAI prompt is tougher than you think:

  • You need imagination and creativity to know what you want.
  • You need to have clear thinking on the problem.
  • You need to be precise in asking for the solution.

Having all of those intentions mindfully arranged is critical. It's how people achieve successful outcomes working with Generative AI.

Collect Individual Genius to Power Company-wide Productivity

One thing is for sure. When one of your big-brained colleagues comes up with a high performing prompt that directs a GenAI to produce successful results moving your company forward, capture it. Write it down.

Where? In your company's prompt library.

Share the best prompts in a spot that everyone in the company knows about. Collect your hard-earned wisdom and your teammates will become more productive, at scale.

The last thing you want to happen is rolling out AI across the company, and for people to be starring at a blank screen wondering to themselves, "What do I type in?" This is where a living GenAI prompt library is a winning resource.

When someone figures out a solution in collaboration with an AI, by writing a killer prompt, add it into your prompt library. Then the problem is solved for everyone in the company, now and forever. This is the productivity boost that AI promises.

Unleash Your Potential in 2024 - Build a GenAI Prompt Library

Resolve to start your GenAI Prompt Library in 2024. I predict you'll find it becomes a wealth of knowledge for you and your company. Leverage it to accelerate into the future.

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