Generative AI is a Programmer's Assistant

Coding at the Speed of AI: Boosting Productivity with Next-Gen Tools

None of you have enough time. Neither do your teammates. Especially if you’re a programmer, or they are too. Everyone is under constant pressure to deliver more features with less.

GenAI - The Next Great Programmer Tool

We’ve always used tools to help us work. It’s natural to reach for something that amplifies our human abilities. Hammers, cars, backpacks, software.

This is where Generative AI steps in to raise our game. It makes us more efficient, and pushes aside the boring chores and human toil of everyday work.

GenAI, behaving as a digital assistant, powered by a Large Language Model (LLM), trained on programming tasks, stands ready to be your pair programmer. It's always available to follow up your prompts with useful responses.

Turn questions turn into code.

Every tool needs to be handy. Ready for you to pick up and use when the problem arises. Question is, which code-savvy LLM should you choose? What tool feels balanced in your hand with a non-slip grip that strikes true?

EvalPlus Leaderboard

EvalPlus Leaderboard

To illustrate the impact of GenAI, let’s look at a table measuring the code quality produced by LLMs. It’s called the EvalPlus Leaderboard. It intends to help software developers understand what LLMs are available, and to compare relative ability.

Many of the LLMs are open source and casually available for use. Several of those are small enough to run locally on your MacBook with Apple Silicon. Most have undergone fine-tuning with additional training datasets custom selected for programming tasks.

Impressively, GPT-4 remains the frontrunner. All contestants are chasing it for top ranking. GPT’s extensive exposure to code during general training has endowed it with a wealth of knowledge to assist programmers.

Place Small Bets Exploring GenAI for Big Outcomes

As you embrace Generative AI for work, you'll find it’s clear that it’s a solid tool. What’s emerging is its place as a partner in your software development day-to-day. It’s an exciting time to be a programmer!

Reach out to me on X/Twitter or on LinkedIn, and let me know of your success. Let’s do something awesome together!

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