Improve Your Writing with AI

Improve Your Writing with AI

My goal in this Generating Excellence video is working with text around a book that I enjoyed reading over the Summer. It's called Sea of Tranquility written by Emily St. John Mandel.

It's a fantastic story and I totally recommend it for fans of science fiction. It has interesting character choices and a fresh take on time-travel.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to better understand why I enjoyed the book so much. I decided to use ChatGPT to help me think through some of the book. Of course, I'm not working with text taken directly from the novel. My data is:

  • A reader review posted on Amazon's product page
  • A book synopsis posted on the publisher's product page

Mixing those two inputs with well-reasoned prompts garners actionable responses from the large language model's (LLM) knowledge about the world.

It's fascinating how the AI can generate incorporate new text into what it's seen before during training, to produce helpful responses. My hypothesis is that the book review and synopsis I'm working with are new to ChatGPT. This is a key technique to harness when learning to work with GenAI.

I Bet You're a Writer

Maybe you're a serious writer concentrating on novels, short-stories, or poetry. Most-likely you're a knowledge-worker creating professional outputs like emails, presentations, articles, and social media posts. That's me!

I want to continuously improve. I see opportunity when I read something as good as Mandel's book. It's a teachable moment motivating me to explore, innovate, and envision the transformative potential of GenAI to level-up my creative and professional work.

Gaining shared context for the book looked through the lens of others' thoughts about it helped me better understand my position. I also appreciate the difficult work that goes into writing and publishing. It's a perfect chance to level-up my writing-game!

AI-Driven Advice for Aspiring Writers

Watch the accompanying video as a gateway to possibility. See how I combine the reader review and book synopsis along with prompts to the ChatGPT AI asking it to process what I want to know including:

  • Classifying sentiment analysis to garner understanding other consumer's perspectives
  • Brainstorming similar plot ideas based on the best qualities from the book as potential jumping off points for original directions towards narrative, plot, character development
  • Generating actionable advice and coaching techniques for aspiring writers pulling together strategies from James Clear, Angela Duckworth, and Cal Newport
  • Answering SOTA self-publishing platforms to navigate the business side of creative writing

No doubt that successful writers have remarkable teachers, access to famed schools, and participate in a community of peers. This mixed with God-given talent, and dedication to craft, build up skills and experience for a writer to become awesome.

What if you don't have a beneficial external support system? Can GenAI help you accelerate in the right direction? I show exactly how that can work. Watch the video and decide how it meets your needs.

Chat Based

Something to notice in my video is how a "chat-like" user interface (UI) allows me to evolve my workflow with the AI. It's taking my past requests, and its responses, and moving them forward as "context" for new responses. This produces more useful results.

Explore What Generative AI Can Do For You

Boost your creativity, productivity, and curiosity as a business professional by watching this video and putting its lessons on GenAI into practice.

Large Language Model (LLM) tech drives platforms like ChatGPT. I see them as much more than trendy terms. In fact, they're rapidly evolving into must-have tools for modern businesses. Early adopters are positioning themselves for greater success in the coming years!

If you find this enlightening and encouraging, kindly pass it along to colleagues, friends, or anyone interested in understanding the remarkable potential of Generative AI.

Reach out to me on X/Twitter or on LinkedIn, and let me know of your success. Let’s do something awesome together!

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